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Cool Places To Visit In The Us Before You Leave The World

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Cool Places To Visit In The Us Before You Leave The World

There are many cool places to visit in the US you must explore. In this list, we provide you the best places that can tell you the best part of America. Surely, you would never regret because these are the classic destinations that you must see when you have a special time to visit America.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (Orlando, Florida)

Anything that comes to the Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is its magnetic “small world”. It also represents the dream of American with many cultures to offer. Even the place welcomes everyone with their story of Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and others.

In this place, it represents the imagination of American such as the futuristic and the classic Fantasyland. The place is hard to ignore that you should not miss your time there, no matter how old you are.

Note: To visit this one of the best sites to see in America, we recommend you not to purchase a FastPass+ that makes you stand in long lines and allow you to secure the arrival times for attractions and rides in advance.

Grand Prismatic Spring (Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)

If you see the Grand Prismatic Spring, it just like a giant aquamarine sunk into our planet. In fact, it is the third largest hot spring on the earth with the diameter at 370 feet and depth at 121 feet. In Yellowstone and the U.S., it is the largest choice. Therefore, we include it as one of the most interesting places in USA. Bacteria are the one that creates the yellow and orange rings.

Note: It is one of the cool places to visit in the US that we suggest you to take the Fairy Falls trail at the south of the Midway Geyser Basin to get the better view for photo options.

South Beach

Next, South Beach can be your choice of the interesting places to visit if you are going to America. It stretches along the Atlantic that reminds you the beautiful sandy sculpture garden from bronzed bods. What you can do there is sunbathing, posing in café chairs, and others.

At night, you can enjoy the glowing neon at the streets with the pleasing view around this iconic beach.

Note: If you walk around with families, head to Mid- or North-Beach. South Beach goes for the PG-13 and above.

The Grand Canyon

We should admit that up to now, the Grand Canyon is still one of the most fascinating places to visit in the U.S. because it is iconic and expansive for the country. It has beautiful vistas with the volcanic features as well as the sandstone canyon walls. It is not surprising that the place is the welcoming venue for those who love adventure.

Other interesting fact about the Grand Canyon is the wild Colorado River that goes through the southwestern.

Note: It is one of the cool places in America, which can be the best choice if you want to watch the splashes color of the canyon walls, especially at sunrise or sunset.

The French Quarter (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Other places to visit in the US that can tell you about the level of cultures are the French Quarter. Located in the New Orleans, what you get is the cobblestone view together with lush gardens and the storied balcony railings with the wrought-iron design.

This city is one of the popular vacation spots in the United States because of its history and the musical heritage starting from jazz, classic rock ‘n roll, and blues to electronic dance music.

Note:  As one of the cool places to visit in the US, it is good to enjoy the beautiful few at no charge by riding the Canal Street Ferry to the Algiers. It is available in every 30 minutes to leave the terminal from Harrah’s Casino.

Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts)

We think that we should include this place as one of the great things to see in the United States. The one left from the American golden age. In addition, you must see the place if you are the fans of classic American sport.

Note: If you cannot get tickets in advance, visit the Gate E to try your luck two hours before the game.

Times Square (New York, New York)

If you love to enjoy your time in New York into the consumerism and spectacle, the ideal choice is Times Square. It is one of the places to see in the US because tourists from all over the world walk around with their cameras. Besides, the place is always crowd that looks like no time for people to sleep.

Note: Even though the place is quite crowd, there are some places to find so you can sit and relax. You should go between 42nd and 47th streets since it is the pedestrian-only areas.

Mount Rushmore (Keystone, South Dakota)

Last but not the least; it is one of the best vacation spots in America. It is the stunning mount with its mountainside edifice. We guess that it reflects the boldest ideals of American. To represent the American spirit, you can find a shrine chiseled in the wild western lands with the sculpture faces of the four iconic U.S. presidents. Up to now, it is still the biggest masterpiece of art on our planet.

Note: To get the excellent view of the mount, it is better for you to follow the Presidential Trail through the forest. Another way you can do is to walk the Avenue of Flags that represents the district, territory, and the common wealth of each U.S. state.

Those are all the options available when it comes to the cool places to visit in the US. Other options are also excellent to visit, such as Philadelphia City Hall, Grand Teton National Park, and Portland Head Light. Other than that, we recommend you to visit Grand Central Terminal, Hollywood Sign, Millennium Park, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and others. If you still have more time to spend in America, do not forget to visit the Golden Gate Bridge.


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